Mary & Tommy

If you're looking for a lovey dovey love story, then you've come to the right place. Mary and Tommy have known each other since Mary was just 5 years old and they've been dating since they were 15! Over the years, their relationship has grown and flourished into the beauty that it is today. So naturally, I was super excited to get them in front of my camera.

intimate airbnb engagement session

I met up with Mary and Tommy at this insanely beautiful Airbnb here in Downtown Detroit, Michigan. The main thing that we wanted to make sure this Airbnb had was some beautiful natural light and MAN did it deliver. The gorgeous brick and the decor was just amazing and really fit the vibe that we were going for. Typically when couples ask me what to wear for their session, I normally recommend to stick to neutrals and no matching outfits. However over time I have learned that matching outfits (in the right way) can actually look amazing. Mary and Tommy wore the same type of cuffed gray sweatpants, white t-shirts and white socks and actually looked really good! So don't stray away from doing something just because it's "not the norm" you may be pleasantly surprised.

Prior to the session, Mary had let me know that Tommy was fairly nervous for this session. I typically get that kind of reaction especially with people who aren't comfortable being in front of the camera. While of course I do everything I can as a photographer to make my couples comfortable (and 10/10 times this works btw), I did decide to bring in some reinforcements. Now I am not saying I do this all the time or that I recommend it all the time butttttt if you're needing a little of liquid courage a shot or two may help. The people pleaser that I am, I brought along a bottle of Tito's vodka to help calm everyone's nerves down and luckily this did just the trick. We really wanted to utilize this Airbnb space because of how beautifully decorated it was so we first started off with Mary and Tommy in the bed just doing some fun posing. Typically I like to take my time with sessions so that we are not only getting some bomb photos, but I also take the time to get to know my couples! After a little bit of time together it was safe to say that Tommy was becoming more and more comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, he even was even joking about him becoming a model hehe. This is what I call SUCCESS!

We spent majority of their session inside but towards the end of the day we decided to brave the cold to get some photos outside. It wasn't too terribly cold but we know how Michigan winters can be. We spent the remainder of their session hanging out, laughing and getting to know one another and it seriously turned out to be one of my favorite sessions I have ever done.

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