Erica & Drew

During the holiday's it's been a growing tradition of mine to host holiday minis. For any of you who don't know holiday minis are a shorter photoshoot session, typically 10-20 minutes long, at a discounted rate than normal sessions. I don't host these too often, but when I do I get a bunch of people hopping on the opportunity. They are the perfect holiday card photos, gifts and I get to meet so many amazing people which is a bonus.

A little while back when I first started hosting holiday mini's, I got a bunch of holiday decor. So every year when I host these sessions I give my couples the option to either use the props or just have a typical winter session. For Erica & Drew, they brought along their pup and really just wanted to soak up all of the winter scenery. Oh and by winter scenery I totally mean the very small blanket of snow that was on the ground - LOL. For their session, we shot at Independence Oaks Park located in Clarkston, Michigan. It's a pretty large park with plenty of activities and nature surrounding us so hosting their session here seemed to be a no brainer. If any of you are looking for a great location to take photos in Michigan, I would HIGHLY recommend Independence Oaks Park.

Despite the fact that there session was only about 15 minutes long, I would say their photos turned out to be a major success! Like I said before, they brought along their adorable pup and we ended up going to this big open field with some cell towers in the back. For many of you, you may be thinking "uhm... cell towers?". Hey! Don't knock it till you try it! Oftentimes I find myself shooting in unconventional areas, not only because I personally see the beauty of it but I love giving my self a challenge. Many photographers may stray away from this sort of thing, but not me! It gives me an opportunity to test my creativity and see what kind of beauty I can make of it through any scenario. Even though this session was so short, it felt like I knew Erica and Drew for forever. Their outfits were absolutely perfect and they went so well together, I love when my couples understand the assignment hahaha! Coincidentally while scrolling through social media I found out that a week after their holiday mini's, Erica and Drew got engaged! I am so happy for them and I'm so happy I was able to document these sweet moments before their engagement.

Oh and I'm just saying.... if you liked these Snowy Couples Portraits, then you're going to love this Winter Couples Session!

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