Emily & Jameson

When Emily first inquired with me about her engagement photos, I just about died. She had sent me over some inspiration from Pinterest and I just knew that I had to work with her and her fiancé, Jameson. I love when my couples send over inspiration for their session, it truly does light up something In my soul. Giving your photographer inspiration helps a TON especially when trying to get across a specific vision that you’re having for your session. While of course you should never go into a session expecting exact replicas of other photographers work, healthy amounts of inspiration is always encouraged! Speaking of Pinterest, I have a lot of engagement photo inspiration over on my Pinterest page so click here to check it out! 

in-home utah engagement

For Emily and Jameson’s session, they really wanted to focus on the lovely home and life that they have built together. So on this lovely day I made my way over to their cozy home. It was there that I was greeted with their beautiful property and was surprised to see a bunch of chickens there as well! The more the merrier, that’s what I always say - lol. When I first arrived, I started with a few detail photos while they finished up getting ready. As I was taking some photos of their beautiful records I realized that I absolutely LOVE taking detail shots and I need to do them more often. As soon as Emily and Jameson were ready we began shooting in their living room and soaking up all of the moody vibes. You guys know how much I love using my camera filters and depending on what my couples are looking for I will always ask them what they prefer. For Emily and Jameson’s session they were all for it so I definitely played around with different filters to fit the inspiration that Emily sent me. 

Fun fact about Emily and Jameson is that they actually have 5 dogs however for their session I only got to meet one. Their living room is a pure reflection of who they are as a couple because believe it or not, these two don’t have a TV in their living room. Emily loves to read and they both use the living room as a place to spend quality time together which I just loved. It was the perfect location to start off their cozy in-home engagement photos. Emily had even taken the time to curate this beautiful charcuterie board even with heart shaped cheese. While enjoying this beautiful cheese board, her and Jameson played chess together and it looked like perfect caught movie stills. 

We then moved into the kitchen where we spent some time having Emily and Jameson dance around while listening to music on the Alexa. A very Hallmark movie moment without the corny pickup lines haha. After some time Emily and Jameson decided to do an outfit change into one of the main pieces of inspiration for this session. Now aside from Emily and Jameson because some of the kindest people ever, they are quite literally some of the coolest. Emily is an interior designer and loves all things art and design while Jameson is a horticulturist. Check out some of Emily's work here! Emily really wanted to embrace these parts of their lives since it is such a big impact on who they are today. In the words of Emily, she wanted to capture a photo that she would be able to show her and Jameson’s future kids and say “this is what mom and dad looked like when they were young”. Are you dying yet? Because I sure am. Emily slipped into her paint covered jumpsuit while Jameson carried his very beloved Mary Jane plant. As they posed against their blank wall, a seemingly simple pose but one that spoke volumes. It was the best of the best moments and it was in that moment that you could see the pure love and passion between Emily and Jameson’s eyes. Emily then of course had to debut the personalized embroidered denim jacket she got with their wedding date on them as well. A small and intimate detail that was all the rage and made their in home engagement session that much more special.

I am forever grateful for Emily and Jameson in opening up their home to me for this beautiful in home engagement session. It takes a lot of trust and bond to let someone into your safe space and I feel truly honored to have been given such an amazing opportunity to be there for them during this moment. 

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