Lexie & Drew

If you're no stranger to this blog, then you may recognize Lexie and Drew from previous sessions that I've shot in the past. To check out their most recent blog post, click here! Over the course of a few years, Lexie and I have truly gotten to bond and that has really allowed us to learn each other's style when it comes to getting photos taken. Lexie is so in tune with how I like to photograph and it basically feels like we are on the same wave length which I think is pretty cool. I love it when I am able to connect with my couples in that way, it seriously makes my job just THAT much more fun.

laid back picnic couples photoshoot

When it came down to us reconnecting again for another shoot, we began brainstorming ideas. One notable mention was that Lexie and Drew LOVE strawberries, so I thought it was the perfect excuse for us to incorporate this love into their photoshoot. We had originally planned to head to a strawberry patch, have a picnic and just hang out which sounded like SUCH a dream, right? Well with just our luck it felt as if the universe was telling us NOT to have their session there. Everything that could have prevented us from going to this strawberry patch happened, so we had to think of plan B! Luckily for us, I am able to think quickly on my feet and was able to prep another location for their shoot.

For our backup plan, we actually headed to Hess Hathaway Park close by to where our original photoshoot location was. All we needed was for something open with a ton of run around space because... Lexie had actually brought along her dog, Sequoia, for the shoot as well! I am always a big fan of when couples bring along their pups for their photoshoots, it adds just a bit more fun and spontaneity which we all know I love. However, always have a plan on where you're going to keep your pup while we get some solo portraits of just the two of you! This can be either leashing them up somewhere or having someone come along to take care of them while we're out and about adventuring.

Shortly after, we decided to head to this open field close by and let me tell you... I don't think I've ever seen grass so high. This grass varied in length from our hips to all the way to our shoulders! Best of all, we were greeted with a lovely "beware of ticks" sign that made us SO inclined to jump right in there. Have you hinted at the sarcasm yet? Luckily though, I always carry around some bug spray to make sure none of us are getting eaten by mosquitos or ticks during your photoshoot. At first, we decided to run throughout the field and just play around with a ton of movement however we didn't lose sight of our main vision.

Prior to arriving for their session, Lexie and Drew had thrifted a bunch of picnic gear to set up their very own picnic with, you guessed it.. strawberries! While we weren't in a strawberry patch, this was the next best thing and it still turned out super cute! Lexie and Drew brought along their own strawberries and we basically spent the remainder of the evening into the night soaking up all of the good energy and good vibes that we were having. Moments like this, I really just let my couples relax and chill and show off their true authentic selves. It makes them feel comfortable in front of the camera but also gives me the chance to capture them to the fullest.

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