Sarah & Christian

If you’re not new here, you may recognize this beautiful couple, Sarah and Christian, from their engagement session I shot earlier this year. You can see all of those stunning moments here! Well, fast forward, and now it’s time to get these two married. It was important for Sarah and Christian to fully embody their faith throughout their wedding day and that’s where this love story starts. Sarah and Christian also wanted that nostalgic look to some of their wedding portraits, so they even added on film to their wedding package. Throughout the blog you'll notice a small sprinkle of film throughout the day to help give that candid and lived in look to their images.

Ceremony at the Provo City Center

Something that is incredibly important for both Christian and Sarah was celebrating their wedding day with their Mormon faith. It was in Provo, Utah that I met up with Sarah and Christian at the Provo City Center. Inside this temple is a sacred place where the soon-to-be newlyweds would sign their names and make their commitment to one another. As a part of the LDS faith, I was not able to enter into the space. It is a moment for the couple and some of their closest friends & family to seal their marriage, so not everyone is allowed inside. So patiently I waited outside of the Provo City Center to greet Sarah and Christian as newlyweds.

Part of the Mormon celebration is that the remainder of the guests who were not able to enter inside the temple, line outside waiting for the newlyweds. To cheer and greet them as they make their step towards a lifetime together. As Christian and Sarah stepped outside of the temple, friends and family began to cheer. It was a beautiful moment to witness and one that was incredibly special for not only Christian and Sarah but for me as well. 


Shortly after the big boom of celebration, we broke off with the newlyweds to take some family formals and wedding party photos. I completely fell in love with their wedding party, as Sarah had all of her bridesmaids wearing a wide array of different style dresses. All of them wearing green, and they were able to express their individuality while still complimenting the beautiful bride perfectly. 

We were also to take a few moments with just Sarah and Christian for some solo portraits, however, that wasn’t a priority on their wedding day. We had actually scheduled a separate bridal session just focusing on couples portraits with Sarah and Christian. That way their wedding day was entirely centered on getting photos of just the two of them. You can see those bridal portraits here! 


After the ceremony, we made our way to the reception at Shade Home and Garden in Orem, Utah. Shade Home and Garden is a beautiful garden nursery that brings the beauty of nature indoors. It has so much beautiful greenery and was definitely up Sarah and Christian’s alley for their wedding day. Known as a “photographer’s paradise” you are surrounded by so much beautiful natural light and the different photo locations and options are endless. If you want to see more details of Shade Home and Garden and them hosting your wedding, click here!

Once we arrived at Shade Home and Garden, it was important for Sarah and Christian that they be able to greet all of their guests with a receiving line. So there we stood making sure that every guest was welcomed in with open arms. This alone, just showed how much intention and closeness Sarah and Christian wanted to have with their guests on their wedding day. Shortly after we were able to escape a bit for some more portraits before speeches and toasts took place. The entire reception area was beautifully decorated with a disco ball/vintage type theme which was very Sarah and I loved every second of it.

A notable mention has to go out to The Penguin Brothers, a dessert company that is very well-known here in Utah. The desserts were impeccable and delicious and is actually one of the first places we went to go visit when me and my husband first moved to Utah. The line was everlasting all night long which I think just proves what a major success they are… and with reason! 

The night then transitioned into a full-blown dance party. Sarah was able to sneak away and completely catch us all by surprise by doing an outfit change. She stepped out in her GORGEOUS silver sparkly jumpsuit that was giving very ~groovy~ vibes and I was LIVING for it. She looked absolutely stunning and was very *her*. We were all very sweaty but had the best time dancing on the dance floor and ended the night with a celebratory sparkler grand exit. Sarah and Christian left right after their exit and I even received the cutest text from her basically confirming how much fun she had that night.

It was a beautiful night celebrating Christian and Sarah and while I may have shed a few tears here and there, it was completely worth it.

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Photographer: Photos by Gayle

Ceremony Site: Provo City Center

Suit: Asos

Dress: Pritchett Bridal

Caterer: Rockwell Catering

Reception: Shade Home and Garden