Emma & Alex

These two are no strangers to the Photos By Gayle blog. A while back I photographed Emma and Alex’s engagement session, so if you haven’t seen that yet click here! Over the months of planning, the day finally came to photograph their Rainy Lakefront wedding and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

Emma and Alex’s wedding day actually fell on Earth day! The week leading up to their big day all we could hear is that it was probably going to rain on their wedding day. Just our luck, right? As the weather channel was predicting, it did rain but that certainly didn’t RAIN on our parade. LOL anybody catch that? Since we knew this ahead of time, we prepped and made sure to bring umbrellas and anything else we would need when being outside. If you took one thing out of this entire blog, it’s to ALWAYS be over prepared because you never know what could happen. 

airbnb getting ready

As soon as I arrived at their Airbnb in Grass Lake, I immediately started with detail photos. Detail photos are what a lot of photographers will begin taking photos of while the rest of the wedding party is finishing getting ready. I always recommend to have your details prepped and ready to go before your wedding photographer arrives. For more wedding detail prep for your day, I talk about it more in this blog here! 

Throughout the time I am taking detail photos, it’s apparent that Emma had a consistent theme. She really enjoys a lot of greenery and gold and was really prominent throughout all of her wedding day decor. As everyone was finishing up, I snuck everybody together for a bridal party photo in their matching robes. Typically during this time it does get a bit emotional and there is a reason. I typically like to say a prompt like “what is your favorite memory about so-and-so and everyone goes around and shares their memories. It truly does show just how much love and light you are surrounded with and typically will end with a bit of tears being shed. 

After finishing up with Emma and her gal pals, I went to meet up with Alex. It was a good distance away, about 20 feet away since him, Emma and all of the wedding party were sharing the same Airbnb. I took Alex up to the roof of the Airbnb and took a few solo portraits of him there. He looked quite dapper and I just couldn’t wait until he saw Emma. 

first look

We waited just a little bit longer until it was finally time for Emma and Alex to see each other for their first look. We went back to the rooftop for them to have their first look and oh ‘em gee it was amazing. The love that these two have for each other is so deep and raw and real that it really was such an intimate and emotional moment. After taking some time to really enjoy the moment, we moved into taking a few wedding portraits of the soon to be newlyweds. Then we made our way to the front yard of the Airbnb to continue taking a few more.

wedding portraits

Next we called over the wedding party to come join us for portraits. Oh and let me just say I am absolutely OBSESSED with this wedding party. The bridesmaids dresses had a gorgeous combination of textures and greens and looked absolutely amazing. For the groomsmen, Alex specifically instructed his groomsmen to wear whatever suit was in their closets. He is very much go with the flow and wanted to keep things fairly laid back and I think it all turned out super well!

outdoor wedding ceremony

Before we knew it, it was time for these two to get married - woohoo!! So the original plan (if it was pouring) for Emma and Alex’s ceremony was to have their wedding guests stand under a tent while the couple get married outside. Luckily for us the weather was clear enough for all of the chairs for the wedding guests to be set up outside. As soon as Emma came walking down the aisle with her dad locked in her arm, both her and Alex began crying. The wedding ceremony is always an emotional rollercoaster so I always recommend packing a pack of tissues with you. If not for you, at least for me! Emma and Alex’s good friend was their officiant which made the ceremony just THAT much more special. It was just perfect in every way, even to the moment they said I do. As Emma and Alex were walking down the aisle as newlyweds, ribbons were twirled in their celebration. I thought this was such a great alternative to non biodegradable materials like confetti! 

A lot of Emma and Alex’s wedding was hand made and earth conscious. Speak of a DIY wedding! Everything from the handmade macrame decor by Emma or the carved names as seating placements. It was so amazing to see how intentional everything was in putting together this wedding day. I was blown away by how many things you could do to save some money and use a little elbow grease to make something as beautiful as Emma and Alex’s special day. 


After the ceremony we then moved into the reception. Emma and Alex wanted to do their first dances outside. Emma and Alex danced to Love You For A Long Time by Maggie Rogers which also happens to be one of my favorite singers of all time. Emma then hopped on the dance floor with her mom and her dad before Alex went and danced with his mom. We also can’t glide over the fact that the dance floor (when it was party time) was indeed in the kitchen of their Airbnb. It was something completely different and absolutely amazing and I loved every second of it. I also have to give a huge shoutout to Shawarma Co for having some of the best food ever. This Mediterranean food selection was delicious and I could tell it was a fan favorite for sure. We ended the night with our feet being so sore, but in the best way possible. To be honest... I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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Photography: Photos by Gayle

Cake/Desserts: Luca Pastry

Caterer: Shawarma Co. (Waijeh Salman)

Dress Shop: The Bride's Project

Tux Shop: Indochino

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