Katherine & Patrick

If you're looking at these two thinking, "I've seen them before" it's because you have. I actually had the honor of photographing Katherine and Patrick's engagement photos this past winter. Getting to meet them for the first time AND getting to take their beautiful engagement photos (even though in the middle of winter) was pure perfection. To read all about their love story and engagement session, check out their blog here! We had been counting down the days until their wedding day and the day finally arrived and I was just itching to get out there and start photographing all of the magic.

getting ready

We started off the day at Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan which is where Katherine & Patrick's family homes are. They each chose to get ready in their family homes which I thought was such an intimate detail that most people would tend to overlook. Although cost effective since they didn't have to go rent out a space for them to get ready, it also was kind of a last hoorah type moment as well. While I was with Katherine in her childhood home, a second photographer was with Patrick while he got ready.

Now it's not uncommon for couples to give each other gifts on their wedding day. In fact, a lot of couples choose to do this and it's always so exciting to see what they get each other. In this case, Katherine gifted Patrick cufflinks with his initials on it while Patrick gave Katherine a bike. Patrick and Katherine currently are living in Chicago but are planning to move back to Detroit for work. Patrick's gift was ultimately his promise to spend time with Katherine and ride around the city with her new bike. Now isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen???

After a rather emotional moment, we went back inside to have everyone finish getting ready. Katherine and her bridal party wore matching robes and slippers which looked just about the comfiest outfits ever. Hair and makeup was finally done and we got to the moment where it was time for Katherine to put on her dress. As soon as she unzipped her dress from the bag, tears began flooding her eyes. Her mom and her sister, Mary, helped her fit into her dress and you could just see the final transformation officially come together.

First Look

Before heading out to the ceremony, Katherine and her dad did a first look outside of her childhood home. First looks are always moments that get me so teary eyed and can really get that emotional rollercoaster going, so always bring some tissues and/or waterproof mascara. While Katherine did a first look with her dad, her and Patrick decided to build up the anticipation a little bit longer and wait until their ceremony to finally see each other face to face.

church wedding ceremony

The number one thing that I always encourage for my couples is to make their wedding day uniquely yours. Many do this by choosing locations that mean something to them and/or their love story. In this case, Katherine and Patrick had their ceremony at the church where Katherine used to go to when she was younger. It was a detail that made the wedding day all the more special. So from Katherine's house we actually ended up walking, considering it was only about a block away from Katherine's family home. I can definitely say that is not something I get to do everyday - lol.

Katherine and Patrick's ceremony, although rather lengthy, was still just as beautiful. Katherine and Patrick said their vows and the two were officially married - woohoo! The moment we all had been waiting for! At the last minute, Katherine and Patrick decided that they wanted to do a grand exit outside of their ceremony. All of their wedding guests ended up lining up outside the church and creating a sort of "tunnel" for Katherine and Patrick to walk through. This would quote on quote be their "grand exit" for the day.

wedding portraits

This was the part where I snuck Katherine, Patrick, and their wedding party away for some wedding portraits over by a local park. Although the park was rather packed, we still were able to make it work and soak up some of that beautiful weather that we were given. So I remember back when I photographed their engagement session, that Katherine and Patrick really stressed on the candid, natural style imagery over posed. So keeping that in mind, we made sure to incorporate a lot of movement to avoid any stiff looking poses. The park where these portraits took place actually overlooks Lake St. Clair, one of Michigan's amazing lakes so of course we had to take some photos on the dock by the water.

Shortly after, we grabbed the wedding party and hopped back on the party bus to head to Detroit to get some of those beautiful city vibes. By city vibes I totally mean sneaking everyone into this alleyway where I actually photographed another couple, Nicole and Josh's, wedding photos. To check out how those turned out, click here! I absolutely love the cobblestone street and just switching it from all of the typical greenery that we were surrounded by.

While in the city, we also had to stop by Fox Theatre which is actually the same building that Patrick will be working in when they move back! I don't know why but it really gave off those retro 1950's type vibes which obviously I am down for - lol.


Once we finished up with their portraits, we made our way to the Garden Theater for the party to officially start! This event space was huge which was perfect for all of the amazing wedding guests that they invited. The entire space was built up of brick so it really gave those modern industrial type vibes. So I'm going to let you in on a little secret, there is at least one time during weddings where I cry. It's inevitable and it's the softy inside of me, but I can't help it! I may or may not have teared up witnessing Katherine and her dad dance, but if I'm being honest it's these moments that get me all choked up. You could just see the emotion and love radiating between them and it being such an impactful moment for the both of them.

Before heading out for the night, I did get to witness some of the most beautiful wedding speeches given from Katherine & Patrick's parents, MOH and best man. This wedding was filled with so much love and light and you could see how supported Katherine & Patrick were. I'm truly touched by how amazing everything turned out and I will forever be holding on to these special memories.

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Photography: Photos by Gayle

Wedding Planner: Lo & Co Event Design

Florist: Jen House Design

Hair & Makeup Artist: Kiss Hair & Makeup

DJ/Band: Bluewater King's Band

Cake/Desserts: Milk & Honey

Caterer: Continental - The Garden Theater

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

Tuxedo: The Black Tux

Invitations: Plume & Proper

Linen and Charger Plates: Luxe Event Linen