Kaitlyn & Adam

Kaitlyn and Adam are two lovebirds who wanted some beautiful photos. These two are already married but wanted to have a fun day soaking up the sun and getting some portraits of them together. I am always down for a good time, so when Kaitlyn first reached out to me to photograph this I was so ready for it.

Kaitlyn is actually a wedding photographer too, you can check out her IG here! She currently lives about 2 hours from where I used to live in Michigan (now I am a Utah citizen woohoo) in Midland, Michigan. For their session, they wanted something light-hearted and fun and at a secret spot where Kaitlyn frequently takes her own couples. So sorry though peeps, no tea spilling today! Kaitlyn and Adam brought along their two pups and soaked up the sun and just had a blast. Although I love it when my couples bring along their fur babies to their session, making sure we have a backup plan on where to put them is incredibly important. Either bringing someone along to watch them or in this case, we brought them back to the car to get some solo portraits of just Kaitlyn and Adam.

Shortly after, we drove 5 minutes to downtown Midland and headed to a rooftop where we continued our journey. The sun was still shining so we were able to get some beautiful sun flares and it was EVERYTHING. It's always such an honor being able to photograph my fellow photographers and I am beyond happy with how beautiful Kaitlyn and Adam's session turned out.

Photos By Gayle does more than just take photos of people. Rather, it is capturing moments of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Singing to the skies, dancing in a field, smiles that hurt because they’re so big. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than photographing these unique details that make you and your significant other a couple. If these photos from Kaitlyn & Adam's session puts a spark in you, you know where to click <——— right there!