Brenna & Wynn

I've known Brenna for QUITE a long time... pretty much my whole life actually. Ever since we met for the first time in 5th grade we became inseparable and began texting & hanging out almost every single day. After starting high school and me transferring to a different school, we fell out of touch but still kept up with each other here and there. Since we were young, Brenna has always had a love for horses so when we planned on doing this photoshoot with her horse, Wynn, I was BEYOND excited.


Brenna currently lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her gorgeous horse, Wynn. Now I don't know about you but when I first arrived I had no idea what to expect... I mean come on. Horses are HUGE! My husband's family has horses and they are definitely a bit rowdier than the average horse, so you could say I was bit intimidated when I first met Wynn. However my doubts were quickly washed away when I saw how tame & kind Wynn actually was. His freckles and spots really made him one of the prettiest horses I have ever seen so I was beyond excited to get these photos.

Now this was a more casual type of session so we really spent the day hanging out and following what Wynn wanted to do. What Brenna wanted the most out of these photos was to see the amazing Fall foliage in the back so other than that we just got to have fun and get creative. Since obviously Wynn is a bit larger... or a lot larger... we mainly let him take the lead. If Wynn walked, we walked and if Wynn stayed, we stayed. It all ended up working out though because we got some amazing photos with the sun behind us & got to play around with a ton of direct light and shadows.


Something you may not know is that Wynn is a competing horse. His performer name is Star Siegar, so of course we had to commemorate that in some way during this shoot. Brenna took out his harness with his engraved performer name on it to have memories of the times that Wynn was a performer... and a good one at that! When Brenna isn't performing with Wynn, she is actually running her own business, West MI Performance Therapy. This small business of hers focuses on providing pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy services to humans, horses, small animals, livestock & athletes around West Michigan. Something that was once a hobby has turned into one of her many passions and I LOVE supporting small businesses, so go check her out!

While this session may seem to have no rhyme or reason, not every session does. Not every photoshoot needs to have hidden meanings or be in celebration of a huge milestone. Some of the best and most memorable sessions in my opinion, are the ones that are spontaneous, fun and creative. They are the ones that you expect the least and receive the most and too me, is pretty amazing.

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