Emma & Alex

You have no idea the amount of couples that come to me and say "we're not photogenic" or "you're seriously going to need to help us". About 99.9% of the time that is completely UNTRUE, and it just so happened to be true for Emma & Alex.

Although Emma and Alex claimed to need some help in front of the camera, as soon as they stepped in front of my lens it became almost second nature. These two moved so fluidly it was actually insane and I wondered how they even worried in the first place! It was October and the weather was starting to cool down and despite wanting those gorgeous autumnal colors, we were left with quite a bit of greenery from the past season. Nonetheless we made it work and still had such an amazing time shooting their engagement session.

fall forest engagement in ann arbor

For their engagement photos, we decided to head to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We decided to keep things pretty laid back and casual and stick to this gorgeous forest trail. Emma & Alex coordinated their outfits so beautifully and I was quite literally obsessed. Pro tip: when shooting your engagement photos, make sure you and your partner are coordinating your outfits but NOT matching. Coordination makes you look put together but still different enough to add some dimension & character. As we began walking through this forest trail I noticed the sun peeking out in between the trees and I immediately stopped. WE HAD TO SHOOT HERE. I made us drop everything that we were doing just to soak up this moment, but you know that's how these sessions go sometimes!

This forest really gave me "Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods" type vibes... anybody else agree? LOL. It honestly just felt so magical and like you were being engulfed by so much beauty. These are seriously some of my favorite photos, I can't stand it! We even had time for Emma & Alex to do a quick outfit change into clothes that were a bit comfier. As the day got later, the weather got a bit crisper so it definitely called for an appropriate outfit change.

pine trees, camp gear & pear bread

Whenever couples inquire with me for a session, I HAVE to get to know you a bit. It's a given - #sorrynotsorry. I send a questionnaire that basically asks you questions on your favorite things to do together, you're favorite foods to eat and anything that gives me a better idea of who you two are individually and as a couple. I then take that information and see of anyway that I can incorporate these details into your session. I love being able to incorporate these elements into sessions because it makes the photoshoot more unique, special and memorable!

So the main component that was important to Emma & Alex during their engagement shoot was to incorporate their love for camping. Emma & Alex brought along some camping gear and we headed to this open area of the forest. Despite our best efforts to set up their tent for this shoot, we realized that one essential piece was missing to finish putting up the tent. Just like that, we put away the tent just as quickly as we began setting it up. Even though we didn't have a tent as a prop, we still got to use Emma & Alex's cozy blanket as the perfect accessory. We laid this blanket on the bed of pine needles on the forest ground and I didn't realize it until editing these photos, but it was such a nice change in scenery. While we are constantly surrounded by concrete and/or dirt when it comes to this area, it was a nice change to have the different colors of the forest ground covered in the orange pine needles.

By the time the session was over, the sun had set so we made our way back to our cars. Before leaving though, Emma offered me some pieces of homemade pear bread that she had made, to which I kindly accepted. It was the perfect way to end an absolutely perfect engagement session. Oh and if you're wondering.... yes, the pear bread was absolutely delicious.

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