Katherine & Patrick

Whenever I work with my couples I love to get their opinion on what kind of feel they're looking for during their session. A lot of the time, most of my couples are pretty open to anything but I still like to gauge their insight on what they are looking for. In Katherine and Patrick's case they were down for just about anything which I loved. I took out my phone to do some research to find some different and fun spots that we could go to.

winter engagement at the ambassador bridge

We started off their engagement session at this secluded park right in front of the Ambassador Bridge here in Detroit, Michigan. It's actually the bridge that connects Detroit to Canada and really gave off those Golden Gate Bridge type vibes. Now one thing you should know about Katherine & Patrick is that they HATE the corny and cheesy poses. Keeping that in mind, throughout their entire session I made sure to incorporate a TON of movement just to prevent those typical stiff poses that sometimes can happen. None of that here though! Something that was also really important to K+P was to maintain that vintage-like feel to their photos. I made sure to bring out my trusty saran-wrap in order to get that blurry filter over some of the photos. Even though it was the middle of December and we were by the water, fortunately it wasn't too too cold!

walking through downtown detroit

Once we finished over by Ambassador Bridge, we headed into Downtown Detroit to walk around a bit... but first - coffee! Since it was the middle of December, we naturally had to go get some coffee to not only use as great props but to warm us up. You may notice that Katherine's outfit slightly changed. While she didn't change her entire outfit, she quickly changed coats which made it seem like her overall outfit had changed. So while you may think you need to switch out your entire outfit to get a completely different vibe for your session, that's not entirely the case. Sometimes it takes something as simple as switching up your hairstyle or coat to really transform your look!

campus martius park

One spot that Katherine & Patrick really wanted to make sure that we stopped at was Campus Martius Park. During the colder months an ice rink is opened up for everyone to go ice skating, but they also have this HUGE Christmas tree which was essential for Katherine and Patrick. We got some really nice photos of them in front of the Christmas Tree, drinking coffee and really soaking up all of that Christmas spirit that was in the air. Before heading home, we all decided to walk around a bit in the Downtown area and just see where the wind took us. It's during these times that I am able to talk to my couples, learn more about them and really just take my time getting to know them. These sessions can seem to fly by and I want to be able to get to know my couples as much as possible. To say I'm a chatterbox may be an understatement but I certainly wouldn't have it any other way.

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