Planning A Post-Elopement Reception Party

As a Utah Elopement Photographer, I have seen many different elopement/wedding traditions. Each one is incredibly unique and special to the couple but hey, that’s the whole point! At the end of the day, it’s your wedding day and you can celebrate it however you want. However, if you’re someone who has been wanting to elope but doesn’t want the party to stop at the end of your ceremony then boy do I have the solution for you. A post-elopement reception! This is one of the best elopement ideas I have seen couples incorporate on their special day and is a great and easy way to involve friends and family and get a taste of the best of both worlds. 

What Is A Post-Elopement Reception?

A post-elopement reception is pretty much a party/celebration after your elopement ceremony. It essentially can take the place of a traditional wedding reception for a traditional wedding, but you eloped instead. If you’re the kind of couple that loves a good party and wants to be able to celebrate with all of your friends and family, then a post-elopement reception may be just what you’re looking for.

Now remember, even though I am a Utah Elopement Photographer, that does not mean that I am telling you how to celebrate your day. Most importantly, you can choose how you want to celebrate. Whether you want to leave your elopement ceremony and cuddle up on the couch or have a huge party afterward, the choice is yours.

Benefits Of Having A Post-Elopement Reception

If you’ve never even considered having a post-elopement reception and the idea is now catching your eye, listen up and look out. These are just some of the many benefits of having a post-elopement reception.

Still Can Have A Private & Intimate Elopement

One of the main components and reasons why couples choose to elope in the first place is because they value their privacy and intimacy with one another. Getting married in front of a big group of people never seemed like their thing and they knew that eloping fit more of what they were looking for. Having a post-elopement reception allows for the couple to be able to still have that privacy and intimacy during their ceremony but have the happily ever after reception party that, let’s be real… everyone loves.

Include Friends & Family Who Weren’t Apart Of Your Wedding Day

Many of you who may choose to elope, may have had to break the news to your friends and family that they were in fact not invited to the ceremony. For some, this incites a lot of emotions like sadness and anger for both the friends/family and the couples as well. At the end of the day though, it’s your choice, and if you want to keep your elopement ceremony more private and intimate then no one should judge you. 

However, if this decision has eaten you and your friends and family up then this is where the post-elopement reception comes in! A post-elopement reception allows for you and your partner to get the best of both worlds and everyone wins. You are able to host a so-called “after party” once your ceremony is over where you can invite all of your loved ones to come celebrate. This way they still get to be with you on your special day and you’re able to have your intimate ceremony. Woohoo!

When To Have Your Post-Elopement Reception?

The million-dollar question is “when to have your post-elopement reception?”. In all honesty, though, this is completely dependent on you and your partner! Some couples may choose to have their elopement right after their elopement ceremony, to keep the feelings and emotions fresh in their minds. It may also mean a lot to your friends and family to see you in your wedding attire just after freshly tying the knot. However, you may also choose to have your post-elopement reception at a later date especially if some of your friends and family can’t make it to a post-elopement reception on the day of.

Post Elopement-reception Activites

One of the best things about having a post-elopement reception is that you can celebrate it however you would like! Your post elopement-reception allows you to do whatever you want after the ceremony. Making the opportunities essentially endless for you, your partner and whoever you would like to join. Below is a list of some of the post elopement-reception activities that you can embark on your special day!

  • Rent a private room at your favorite restaurant for a post-elopement dinner with friends & family
  • Explore your favorite city with a day-trip
  • Backyard intimate dinner or BBQ
  • Rent out an Airbnb for a more private post-elopement celebration
  • Setup a brunch at a cute B&B
  • Share your elopement photos or hire a videographer to then share your photos/video on a projector with friends & family
  • Rent out a food truck
  • Rent out a boat and go on a fun boat day