Julia & Nick

For Julia and Nick's session, let me just tell you it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Julia and Nick are the kind of couple that you can just talk to for hours. That's actually what kind of happened. I love it when I am able to really connect with couples that I'm capturing because I can really get a feel for who they are as individuals as well as together as a unit.

To start off their session, Julia and Nick really wanted to take some photos at Nick's parent's house, and let me just say... this is one of the most well-decorated homes I have ever seen. Julia and Nick really wanted to pull their inspiration from the outdoors and nature, so staying in the backyard was an absolute must. Wandering throughout Nick's parents backyard as well as their neighbors made for the perfect outdoor oasis. Oh and don't worry, we had consent from their neighbor! Fun fact, that neighbor will be the officiant at their wedding! Located in the backyard is a large low hanging tree, that Nick and Julia refer to as the Tree of Life. This tree is so large and beautiful and really is the perfect symbol of growth and long-lasting love for them.

After spending some time with their family at Nick's parents home, we made our way to Downtown Pontiac, Michigan where Julia and Nick both live. Their studio apartment is the absolute epitome of city apartment living. There is beautiful exposed brick, and vaulted ceilings and you could just really tell that this space is truly lived in. Once we entered, Julia and Nick did a quick outfit change while I enjoyed an amazing cup of pumpkin spice tea that Nick prepared.

At this point, the sun had almost set so we drove down to this local rooftop parking garage to really soak in the beautiful city views. If I'm being honest, it felt like a movie scene. These two were absolute naturals in front of the camera and getting to see their chemistry just made my heart so warm.

It was also very important for both of them to get some photos back at home with their cats, so off we went. We spent some time hanging out and really enjoying our time together. Not once did I feel rushed, which I just loved. For a quick change of scenery, we then moved into the bedroom where Julia and Nick played their favorite game... chess.

A blessing in disguise turned out to be me forgetting my sweater at Nick's parents' home. A quick 10-minute drive later, I found myself sitting at the dinner table with their family engaging in some amazing conversation. Honestly, doesn't happen all too much during sessions but I am not mad at it.

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