A Downtown Salt Lake City In-Home Couples Session

Nothing makes me feel more connected to my couples than when they give me a glimpse into their everyday lives. As a Utah Wedding Photographer, I’ve been so honored to have been able to witness love stories unfold in front of my lens. From wedding days to engagement sessions, to cute in-home sessions like this one. Each with its own unique story and power, and each is filled with just as much love. 

For Kayla and Corey’s in-home session in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah we wanted to keep things really casual and simple. Kayla and Corey are not big on PDA so keeping things as natural and authentic to how they celebrate their love was key. They invited me into their 1912 home and we began documenting magic.

Kayla & Corey’s Downtown Salt Lake City In-Home Couples Session

Both Kayla and Corey are attorneys so needless to say, their schedules can get very hectic. Regardless of this, they still make the time to make their home a *home* and spend as much time together as possible. Kayla and Corey have been married for about two years now, but never had a ceremony. It never felt fitting to their personalities and what they wanted to do but you know me, I am all about straying away from tradition. Since they never did much to celebrate their marriage, it was high time to document this moment in their lives despite not having a ceremony/reception. They wanted to show their unique home character with a stunning garden and basically share their life as it is right now.

As soon as I walked in I was stunned by the amount of plants surrounding the entire home. Not only did their home have a stunning garden, but inside reflected this greenery as well. Corey is a big plant collector, so naturally, their home was filled with so many different types of plants. Kayla and Corey share this beautiful home with their pups, so it was also important to incorporate them throughout the session as well. Kayla and Corey wanted this session to be a reflection of their lives. Meaning they wanted to document the ebbs and flows of their everyday life. Sitting at the dinner table in their usual spots as they debrief about their day. Enjoying the beds of roses along their driveway. These things, while seemingly simple and minuscule in the grand scheme of it all, were incredibly pertinent to Kayla and Corey’s love story.

We spent the remainder of their in-home Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah couples session soaking in the beauty of their home. Like I mentioned before, this session was more so to document this time in their life and less about the perfectly posed images. I loved how wholesome, unique, and homey this session with Kayla and Corey was.

This also serves as a reminder that you don’t need to be getting married in order for you to get your photos taken. I feel that oftentimes there is this belief that you should only be splurging on documenting the GRAND moments in your life. Like an engagement session or wedding, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every moment deserves to be cherished, even if it’s years after getting married. You are the decision maker and do what feels right and expressive to you! That’s the beauty of photography is that it’s subjective and it’s an art form unique to each and every individual.

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