Lexie & Evan

There are moments where you may feel like you are in a rut. Things seem repetitive and sometimes you just get the urge to try something new and get creative. This helps you experiment with different poses, editing style and overall just let the creative juices ~flow~.

At this point in time, I was in the middle of a creative identity crisis. I didn't know what my style was and I had NO IDEA where I was going. I was searching for a way for me to get creative and try new things, new angles and new poses and then an idea *sparked*.

I did a model call on Instagram asking for a last minute couple to photograph in just a few days. I had a few people reach out but one couple in particular seemed extra enthusiastic about it and really fit the vibe I was looking to achieve. That couple you ask? That was Lexie & Evan. I had told them what I would like for them to wear and what they were to expect from the shoot and then it was time to finally meet.

We met in this beautiful open field in Waterford, Michigan and began shooting. The entire goal of this shoot was to experiment, try new things and be creative for myself and that's exactly what we did. Of course some of these shots were a little weird, but the end product of the gallery ended up being one of my favorites!

Overall, I had such an amazing time being able to work with Lexie & Evan. I was able to get my creative mind working and really got some amazing shots out of it. I feel like some of my best photos actually come out at session when couples say "we trust you" and are totally cool with experimenting with new and funky things. I will be always grateful for Lexie & Evan for giving me the creative space to make something amazing and memorable for them. Oh, and I cant forget to mention that this was a few days before halloween so of course we had to do a couple "ghost" photos.

Photos By Gayle does more than just take photos of people. Rather, it is capturing moments of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Singing to the skies, dancing in a field, smiles that hurt because they’re so big. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than photographing these unique details that make you and your significant other a couple. If Lexie & Evan's photoshoot puts a spark in you, you know where to click <——— right there!

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