Emma & Jordan

One of the best things about engagement sessions is the fact that I get to meet so many new, fun, and genuinely amazing people. Emma and Jordan are two of them! Fun fact, Emma and Jordan actually live about a block from me here in Utah which I thought was also pretty cool. Must be fate, huh? While they currently live in Utah, Emma, and Jordan actually met when they were both attending college in Santa Barbara, California. Since their love story essentially started in Santa Barbara, it only made sense to take the trip over to the sunny state to shoot their engagement session! Emma and Jordan’s Coastal California Engagement in Santa Barbara.

Emma & Jordan's Coastal California Engagement in Santa Barbara

For Emma and Jordan’s California engagement photos, they wanted something very coastal Cali vibe-esque. So off me, my hubby, and our two pups went to Santa Barbara to capture one of the most beautiful Santa Barbara engagement sessions. An 11-hour road trip later we finally made it to Santa Barbara and I was itching to grab my camera and start making some magic. 

We were able to find this gorgeous spot where I was able to meet up with Emma and Jordan for the first time. Our original plans of having sunset portraits went sour when the weather had predicted cloudy grey skies for the rest of the day. So with a quick change of plans, we were able to do their session a bit earlier and it worked out perfectly! Despite the grey cloudy skies, we were given some beautiful light that bounced off the plethora of wildflowers amongst the field. Immediately you could tell just how in love and close their connection with each other is. You could absolutely see that one of their love languages was physical touch and honestly, it seemed as if their souls were meant to be there. Hey, I’m not crazy. I just know what I saw. 

As a photographer, one of my favorite things is when my couples bring along their own props to help tie in the theme for their shoot. Emma and Jordan brought along some books, a cute blanket for them to sit on, and even Jordan’s guitar. Jordan is actually a musician (@jordanthepope) Props are one of the best ways to help bring some dimension to your engagement photos and are always highly encouraged! Also to note, at this specific spot, it was pretty empty at this time of day. The trails were not being occupied and we were making sure to be courteous of nature and the space that we were taking. Which I think is incredibly important when it comes to being aware of the space that you are using when out on nature trails, national parks, walking paths, etc. 


It seemed as if time had stopped when I was with Emma and Jordan. Once we looked at the clock and realized that we had been with the wildflowers for quite some time, we decided to have them do a quick outfit change for location #2. We headed towards the beach where Emma and Jordan were able to get in the water a bit and just have some fun when it came to their engagement photos. I even handed them my camera to take for a bit so that they could take photos of each other and those are honestly, some of my favorites!

Emma and Jordan were just so perfect and incredibly sweet with each other .

What are you two looking forward to the most during this process?

Typically whenever I work with my couples I send over a quick questionnaire to help get to know them better. When asked "what are you two looking forward to the most during this process?" this was Emma and Jordan's answer.

“We are looking forward to celebrating and sharing our love through art. Also simply having fun and connecting!”

How stinkin' cute is that!

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