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I have to say that one of the most iconic Utah engagement locations has to be the Bonneville Salt Flats. It's wide open space and stunning scenery makes it a blank canvas for any couple really wanting to get creative for their Utah engagement photos. This story in particular is about Jillian and Justin. These two lovers inquired with me to get their engagement photos in Utah while they were here on a quick getaway trip. From the moment that they inquired, their vision surrounded the Bonneville Salt Flats. Of course naturally, I was down for any sort of adventure so off we went to capture their Bonneville Salt Flats Utah Engagement.

Bonneville Salt Flats | northwestern utah

A little bit of background of the Bonneville Salt Flats and why it's such a popular destination location in Utah. The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of the most unique natural features in Utah that stretches over 30,000 acres. Actually getting to witness the fast grand nature of this natural space truly took my breath away when I first saw it. The Bonneville Salt Flats were actually formed when ancient Lake Bonneville dried up. Of course, as you can imagine this lake was ginormous and eventually as it began to dry up the water became incredibly salty. As water began to evaporate, salt deposits were left in many areas hence the now name of the Bonneville Salt Flats. A graveyard for what use to be a beautiful large lake is now one of the most iconic landmarks in Utah that many people drive to see.

Important information about the bonneville salt flats

If you're planning a visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats, there are a few things that you're going to need to know.

  • Stay on existing roads or areas that are designated for vehicles. There are certain areas that may look sturdy, but are actually fragile and will break with the weight of a vehicle
  • Don't go on salt surface that is covered by water. When the salt is wet it can damage the vehicles and event short out the electrical system in your vehicle
  • The Bonneville Salt Flats are FLAT so beware of desert conditions especially in the summer time where temps can reach 100 degrees and drop under 0 degrees in the winter
  • There are no facilities or services at the Bonneville Salt Flats
  • You are prohibited from staying at the Bonneville Slat Flats, but camping is encouraged on surrounding public lands
  • As of recently, you will find a large mound of salt that is pretty distinct at the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is done ON PURPOSE to detract people from going all the way to end of the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is because there is some very poisonous water on the other end of this mound of salt that is incredibly toxic. So please, be weary of adventuring in foreign territory at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Jillian & Justin's bonneville salt flats utah engagement

At the time of Jillian and Justin's Utah engagement, my husband, Joe, and I were in the midst of planning our official move out to Salt Lake City, Utah. So while we had yet to actually be living in Utah, we made the trip to be able to document Jillian and Justin's love. For this engagement session in particular, we thought that a sunrise Utah engagement was the perfect way to go. Unknowingly enough to us, the wind would make things especially cold on this fine October morning. Nonetheless, we made the most of this day and it was incredibly special for all of us.

Jillian's first outfit was a gorgeous flowy dress with stiletto heels which made for some of the most beautiful photos. The wind was flowing the dress and her hair everywhere which made things just look a little bit more fun and messy. However, since Jillian was wearing stilletos not much running was taken place, but if you're going to wear stilletos anywhere in Utah it might as well be at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We spent a good chunk of time during their adventure engagement session at the Bonneville Salt Flats before switching to our Plan B. In the distance I noticed mountains that seemingly looked like we could drive on up to explore and take a few more photos. Without hesitation, Jillian and Justin agreed, changed into their second outfits of the day and we made our way off into the horizon towards some gorgeous Utah mountains.

Once we made it over the mountains, we were exposed to a whole other world. Just 10 minutes away from the Bonneville Salt Flats was what essentially looked like a desert. Even the temperatures were a bit warmer at this time. Without the views of the Bonneville Salt Flats in the background, you would never have guessed that this gorgeous plot was just a short drive from this destination location. It was here that we took some photos of Jillian wearing her brown leather jacket and really fitting the more "desert vibe" that we were going for. Together, these two looked like absolute models and really broke out of their shell towards the end of their shoot which is honestly, all that I can ask for.

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