Cassidy & David

I am so thankful for all of the travel that I have been able to do these past few years. One of my most memorable moments though, would have to be this engagement session with Cassidy and David. Everything from their outfits, to their radiating personalities truly made this day utter perfection. Stuck in a valley filled with lily flowers, we were able to get some of the prettiest engagement photos, and I am so excited to be sharing them FINALLY! Keep scrolling to read more about this Big Sur Valley Engagement.

Big sur valley engagement

Big Sur is definitely a destination location, not just for photographers but for everyone around the world. Okay, not everyone but a good chunk of people! Big Sur is an amazing location if you LOVE the outdoors, since the scenery there is absolutely insane. Stunning mountains, ocean views, cliffs, valleys and fields of flowers are just some of the beautiful phenomena you get to see while being in Big Sur. Luckily for me, I was able to meet up with Cassidy and David and get some of the most amazing engagement photos I have ever taken. I know I must say this a lot, but I can't help it I work with some of the most amazing couples!

Oftentimes when you think of Big Sur and it's beautiful scenery, you are immediately drawn to the cliffs alongside the ocean. You get the beautiful ocean views, a nice breeze and some amazing lighting. However, that wasn't in the cards on this day. Instead, we decided to head to this small valley nearby in Big Sur that was completely filled with lilies. It was the most perfect location, so we decided THIS was going to be the place to be. The weather was that of typical California weather... hot and sunny - LOL. The hot California weather didn't stop us though from having such a fun time. Typically during sessions like these I really like the couples to act as natural as possible. That is the key to making you look as authentically you as possible in your photos. Now I know what you're thinking, how can I possibly act natural while someone is literally in front of me taking photos. My best advice that I can give you for that is pretend I'm not even there. Photographers don't like to call ourselves "professional third wheels" for nothing. While of course I provide guidance in posing and making sure you both look your best, the most important thing you can do is pretend I'm not even there and act normal. I will be able to work my magic and do the rest!

Everything that could have gone right during this engagement session, did. It was complete and utter perfection and I am so happy with how these photos came out. Cheers to Cassidy & David!

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