Best Photo Locations in Oregon

Hands down one of my favorite states that I have been to has got to be Oregon. The scenery, parks, landscaping and overall beauty of the state makes it one of my all time highly recommended states to visit. However, from a photographers perspective it can get very overwhelming to explore a new state. There is so much to see in such little time (most of the time). Luckily though, I have had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous state several times. I have been able to find some of the most beautiful locations that are not only amazing for your upcoming adventure engagement session, but are also perfect for the ultimate adventure elopement. These are just some of the best photo locations in Oregon!

Abiqua falls - portland, oregon

One of the best locations that you can visit during your stay in Oregon is Abiqua Falls in Portland, Oregon. True to its name, Abiqua Falls is an absolutely beautiful waterfall that makes for a stunning photo location. While there is a bit of a small hike to get to this destination spot, let me just tell you it is completely, 100% worth it in my book. In order to actually get to to Abiqua Falls, it's important to know that you will need to have a car that has four-wheel drive due to some of the terrain you will stumble upon. It's also a good ideas to bring along some comfortable shoes for this trek. You are met with some unmarked roads, steep hills and some trails BUT you eventually are able to find a rope that you can use to guide yourself down the hill. I would recommend planning your trip to Abiqua Falls when it's not raining to eliminate the possibility of slipping on mud.

As you travel closer to the waterfall the temperatures begin to get a bit cooler, so also be prepared for that. You can find some more tips and trails on how to get to this beautiful destination here! If you're planning on heading to Abiqua Falls for your engagement or elopement, just be prepared to get dirty or to bring an extra set of clothes for the hike back!

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god's thumb - oregon coast

One of the most beautiful locations I have ever bare witnessed was God's Thumb located along the Oregon Coast. While you do have to endure a bit of a hike, it is a small price to pay once you have reached the edge of God's Thumb and witness the incredible ocean views of the Pacific Ocean. You might need to bring an inhaler to this location, because the views and scenery will quite literally take your breath away. Here you are propped along this mountain that gives you views unlike any other place I have been. You are surrounded by tall grass and the roaring sounds of the waves crashing along the cliff. A scenic and peaceful moment all at the same time and definitely a destination location for your next Oregon trip.

In order to get to God's Thumb however, there is a bit of information that you'll need to know. There is really only one designated parking spot which is at NE Devil's Lake Blvd. Here is the cul-de-sac where you can park you car, however it doesn't just stop there. Parking can get packed especially during the warmer months so I suggest planning ahead and avoiding the super hot days. While there are no direct signs towards God's Thumb, I recommend heading towards The Knoll which means you are heading in the right direction. If you keep left on the trail and start hearing the waves crashing, that means you have officially made it - woohoo!

While it may be a bit of a hike in order to get to this location, it's completely worth it especially if you come prepared. If you are planning on having your photoshoot location or elopement here, I would recommend bringing a changing tent rather than hiking in your wedding attire. However, that's just a really emphasized suggestion!

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yaquina head lighthouse - newport, oregon

For a more nautical essence to your photos, I highly recommend checking out the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon. Located along the Oregon Coast you are bound to get some heavy fog along this location, especially if you decide to head there early in the morning. Don't worry though, despite the fog you still get some pretty insane views and scenery. You may be surprised to even witness seals sitting on top of rocks in the distance, which makes the small treck to the lighthouse 100% worth it. Not only is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse amazing for its stunning views, but they are also known for their tide pools located alongside their trail. Here you can spot sea stars, sea urchins, mussels, snails, hermit crabs and all different kinds of wildlife. Just remember to wear some sturdy shoes since you will be near water!

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep in mind that the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is a popular tourist attract here along the Oregon Coast. If you are looking to get some time in the area with little to no people, I would recommend going right at opening or just before closing.
  • There is a $7 fee per vehicles, however this pass is good for three days

You get the best of both worlds here at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. You get the stunning field filled with tall grass, amazing ocean views and access to tons of wildlife. Definitely a bucket list location if you're planning a trip to Oregon!

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If I'm being honest, I wish I had a better descriptor for this location but I don't. One thing you can definitely find on your next trip to Oregon is acres of tall trees and woods. Especially alongside the Oregon Coast. As you are driving along the streets you may stumble across mile-long high trees that make you feel transported into a storybook. While in Oregon you will never find a shortage of pretty scenery and stunning greenery, that's for sure. I highly recommend that on your next trip to Oregon and if you find yourself along the Oregon Coast, to just stop wherever your heart desires. Explore the "unconventional" locations and remind yourself that art and magic can be made just about anywhere. You just need to have a bit of imagination, creativity and of course.. a camera.

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Proposal rock at neskowin beach - lincoln city, oregon

If you're looking for a place to dip your toes in the sand, then you should definitely check out Proposal Rock at Neskowin Beach near Lincoln City, Oregon. Don't be afraid to get a little bit of sand in between your toes because this beach is one that you are definitely going to need to see. You have beautiful water views as well as small caves surrounding the beach which makes it so fun and interesting. You can hop in the water, roll around in the sand and have a blast all while being in a relatively private beach.

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devils punchbowl - newport, oregon

Alongside God's Thumb, Devils Punchbowl near Newport, Oregon is a for sure location to get some beautiful portraits. You are alongside a cliff that has amazing ocean views and can catch a pretty insane sunset. The cliff is humongous and gives you tons of room to move and experience the true beauty that the state of Oregon has to offer. It's one of those locations where once you go once, you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

In order to get to Devil's Punchbowl, you will need to do a bit of exploration. Here are a few tips to help making your visit to Devil's Punchbowl a bit more fun and enjoyable:

  • The North side gives you access directly to inside the punchbowl and is the easier of the trails to follow. The Southern side is perfect if you are looking access to some good surfing and beach areas
  • There are three parking lots that visitors can use - don't park in the residential areas or else you will receive a ticket
  • If you are wanting to visit the bowl aka the sea cave and the main attraction, I recommend visiting on a low tide day. The waves can churn and crash violently during high tide which will not make visit this area of Devil's Punchbowl that enjoyable for you.

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Cannon beach

Lastly, it wouldn't be the best photo locations in Oregon blog if I didn't talk about Cannon Beach. Cannon Beach is a gorgeous small area in Northwest Oregon. There is plenty to do in this gorgeous small town, however, Cannon Beach is known for its beautiful sights and gorgeous photo locations.

Haystack Rock - One gorgeous location is Haystack Rock. It's one of Oregon's most recognizable landmarks. Surrounding you are colorful tidepools, and diverse marine life, and is absolutely stunning if you're looking for some gorgeous preserved beach views.

Hug Point - Along with that, you can visit Hug Point. This beautiful area gives you access to the beach and has some of the most beautiful waterfalls, cliffs, and tide pools that I have ever seen. It's one of those areas that you have to see more than once just because it is *that* beautiful. At Hug Point, you can also find beautiful sea caves that are great for exploring for the adventurers at heart.

Best Photo Locations in Oregon

Overall, these are just some of the best photo locations in Oregon. While I wish I could say I have explored it all, virtually that is impossible. I am always on the lookout for some new, fun and different locations so if you're wanting to experiment, get married or just have some fun - sign me up!

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