Best National Parks to Elope in Utah

For those of you who don't know, I have relocated to Utah! More specifically around the Salt Lake City area. However, don't let that discourage you if you're ever wanting to book a session since travel is quite literally my middle name.

With that being said, having been to Utah several times in the past and now living here has allowed me to have so many opportunities to see some of the best locations. Dare I say... ever? Utah is definitely known for its beautiful mountains and national parks, especially when it comes to elopements and let me just say, I am all for it. While elopements are my passion, I know that if you're in the middle of planning your elopement, choosing a location can be one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. Lucky for you, I've got that covered. Here are just some of the best National Parks to elope in Utah. Just... don't forget to invite me ;)


First we have Goblin Valley State Park. Now, don't be fooled by the name because it's not what you think. This beautiful state park gets its name from the soft sandstone that eroded into unique shapes, ones that are referred to as "goblins". The scenery inside this state park is unreal and they actually filmed a movie here back in the day due to the unearthly look of this park. The movie was called Galaxy Quest. Nonetheless, it makes it such a unique and beautiful place for a fun and intimate elopement.


In order to enter into Goblin Valley State Park, you do need to pay a $20 permit.


Inside the park, there is more than just canyons and rocks to help occupy your time during your stay. Inside Goblin Valley State Park, you're also able to:

Goblin Valley State Park is definitely one of those underrated elopement locations that are SO worth it visiting.


Bryce Canyon National Park is filled with red rocks, pink cliffs and endless canyons and vistas. It's definitely a beautiful sight to see and an underrated national park to elope at.


In order to get married in Bryce Canyon National Park, you're going to need to obtain a Utah state marriage license. The fee for that is $40. You also need to make sure that both parties must be present to obtain the license.

You also need to make sure you obtain a special use permit as well, which is a cost of $100. You can read more about what permits, requirements and regulations are needed to be followed inside Bryce Canyon National Park here.

where to elope

Bryce Canyon National Park is a beautiful national park for your elopement. However, when it comes to where to elope they only allow two locations.

1.) Overlooking the Main Ampitheater

2.) Silent City at Sunset Point

You can see maps of these specific wedding locations here.

Things to do

Along with all of the beautiful locations you can elope in Bryce Canyon National Park, the fun doesn't stop there. Feel free to explore these activities while on your next trip here in Utah:

  • See the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater
  • Drive the Southern Scenic Drive
  • Go Horse Back Riding
  • Stay at Ruby's Inn RV Park

bonneville salt flats

When you hear of Utah, you've probably heard of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Salt Flats is a 12-by-5 mile stretch that is made up of a salt crust that is out of this world. It's one of those beautiful views that stretches on across the horizon and is definitely the place to be if you're wanting to elope in Utah.


To elope at the Bonneville Salt Flats, you're going to want to of course obtain your marriage license. You can do this right here!

For you to shoot film or photograph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, this will entirely depend on the type of photo/video you're planning on doing. You can read more information about what type of permits are required here.

things to do

The Bonneville Salt Flats are more than just a pretty place to look at. There are still a ton of fun activities for you to do during your visit! Some of those include:

  • Rent out an ATV and ride along the salts

Lake powell

Recently, I've had the honor of visiting Lake Powell, and let me just say *wow*. This beautiful lake is actually located in Northern Arizona and it is so large that it stretches into Southern Utah. It has almost 2,000 miles of shoreline, warm water, and some of the most beautiful scenery and views that I have ever seen.


To shoot photo or video at Lake Powell which is within Glen Canyon, you will need to purchase a special use permit. This is entirely dependent on how many guests you are planning on having photographed/filmed, what type of celebration, etc. Fees for the special use permits vary depending on the number of guests that you have!

  • 1 – 2 people, camera and tripod only $0/day
  • 1 - 10 people: $150/day
  • 11 - 30 people: $250/day
  • 31 - 49 people: $500/day
  • Over 50 people: $750/day

You can view more information about special use permits here.

things to do

Aside from having the most picturesque elopement here at Lake Powell, there are a ton of activities you can do while having your visit here. Some of those include:

There are definitely a lot of water activities here at Lake Powell, so make sure to pack your bathing suit! If you want more of the inside scoop of Lake Powell, you can check out Grace & Ian's session which was filled with beautiful views and blue-hour skies.

amangiri resort

Amangiri is one of those places that you just dream of visiting. It is the perfect blend of untouched red-rock country that overlooks 900 acres of the original Wild West. It essentially is a desert landscape and brings modern luxury to the surface. It's modern, beautiful, and oh-so luxurious and is perfect if you're looking to splurge on your elopement.


If you're looking to shoot at Amangiri, you will need to fill out their "Photography Policy & Agreement Form" along with ensuring that you have a reservation at the resort. If you don't have a reservation, you will not be able to photograph/video here!

how to elope at amangiri

Amangiri offers a one-in-a-lifetime experience for your wedding or celebration. They offer beautiful landscaping and seclusion that gives you the most intimate and private wedding day moment. The resort can also accommodate varying size groups and give you the most gorgeous elopement you've ever dreamed of.

Amangiri also offers a wide variety of venues for your elopement celebration. These include:

  • Dining room & patio
  • Fireside Pavilion
  • The Chinle Site
  • Saddle Landing

You can read more about Amangiri and hosting your elopement/wedding celebration, here.

bridal veil falls

While waterfalls are not super common here in Utah, if you're looking for that fairytale wedding in front of a waterfall, I highly suggest you check out Bridal Veil Falls. Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful natural waterfall that is located in the gorgeous and scenic Provo Canyon. Now, you will need to do a small hike to get to the waterfall, but the results are SO worth it.


A permit is not required to shoot photo/video at Bridal Veil Falls!

bridal veil falls hiking trail

For you to gain access to the trail, there is a parking lot right off Hwy 189 that is adjacent to Bridal Veil Falls. The trail at Bridal Veil Falls is shaded and paved which is not typical with a normal hiking trail. However, since it's part of the Provo River Parkway, it is accessible and easy for just about anyone to walk on. The hike is about 1/4 of a mile before you're met with the beautiful cascading waterfalls. A cool mist overwhelms you, so be prepared to get a bit wet the closer you get to the falls.

This beautiful scenic trail is exactly what you need if you're looking for an easier hike to an elopement spot, but you're also trying to stray away from all of the canyons mountains. Bridal Veils Falls definitely gives you a breath of fresh air and is a hidden gem of elopement locations.

Church of dirt in park city, utah

While we did talk a lot about national parks and landmarks, it wouldn't be an elopement blog if I didn't mention a highly underrated, but incredibly beautiful city. Park City, Utah is one of those cities while it's not as large or well-known as New York City or Los Angeles, it still makes for a beautiful destination location. Especially if you're looking to elope. Right in between gorgeous mountains, and just 30 minutes outside Salt Lake City, Park City is the perfect hidden gem elopement location.


A permit is not required to shoot photo/video at The Church of Dirt!

The church of dirt

One location in particular that is really unique and perfect for your dream elopement would have to be the Church of Dirt. Now, don't be fooled by its name. Just because it's called "The Church of Dirt" does not mean it's a basic boring plot of land. In fact, it's far from that.

The Church of Dirt is a beautiful plot of land, that is almost like Park City's hidden gem. It's here that weddings take place overlooking the beautiful mountains on the horizon. An altar stands there waiting for you to meet it and it truly is such a sight to see. What makes this location a standout elopement spot is how the reservation is made. Unlike typical wedding reservations with a coordinator/property manager, The Church of Dirt works its system on the honor code. A couple writes their name and wedding date on a slab of wood. You leave it by a rock located at The Church of Dirt and hope that no one takes your spot. Crazy, right? While this may seem crazy and spontaneous to some of you, to me it is romantic and beautiful.

To read more about The Church of Dirt at Park City, Utah for your dream Utah Elopement, check out this blog here!

Best National Parks to elope in utah

These are just some of the many beautiful national parks to elope in Utah. Like most places, the list could go on and on. There is so much beauty and history behind some of these locations that make it perfect if you're looking to elope in Utah. If you're planning your Utah elopement, I would highly recommend checking out one of these gorgeous Utah elopement locations that you won't forget.

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