Antelope Island Bridal Portraits

You know those places that everyone seems to hears stories about but never actually venture off too? Antelope Island State Park here in Utah is one of them! One thing about Antelope Island is that it's known for being the largest of ten islands located within the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It's at Antelope Island where you will find absolutely breathtaking scenery along with some of the most diverse and unique wild-life. Some examples being American Bison, Porcupine, Bobcats, Badgers and Bighorn Sheep. Antelope Island, while a bit secluded, is one of the most gorgeous locations especially if you're looking for a bridal portrait session like these two lovebirds. Together, these two lovers made the perfect pair to soak up the beauty that is Antelope Island along with the stunning mountains and more desert-esque vibes. This was my first time heading to Antelope Island but I can guarantee you, it won't be my last.

permits & fees for entering antelope island

First things first, you will be required to purchase an entrance fee in order to enter into Antelope Island. Below is some information on how much entrances will cost depending on the type of vehicle you will be using to enter Antelope Island.

  • Entrance fee: $15 per vehicle up to 8 people
  • Senior entrance fee (65 years of age): $10 per vehicle up to 8 people
  • Motorcycles: $5.00 per motorcycle
  • Bicycles and Pedestrians: $3 per person
  • Commercial Groups (including over 8 people per vehicle): $3 per person and $5 per bus
  • Educational Groups: $1 per person and $5 per bus with prior reservation
  • Antelope Island Annual Pass: $65 (includes the Davis County Causeway fee)

What can you do on antelope island?

One of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself is "what exactly can I do on Antelope Island?". Lucky enough, there are plenty of outdoor recreational activities that many of you can participate in while visiting Antelope Island here in Utah. Some activities that many people divulge in while visiting Antelope Island are:

  • Birdwatching & Wildlife Observing
  • Visiting the historical Fielding Garr Ranch
  • Go Mountain Biking
  • Boating (Powerboats, Sail Boats and Kayaking)
  • Spend a night camping at one of Antelope Island's campsites
  • Horseback Riding at Rhodes Valley Outfitters
  • Trail Running (you can find some of the best trails on Antelope Island here! or try Frary Peak)
  • Enjoy a swim in the many bodies of water on Antelope Island (said to be so salty, that people float on its surface so easily due to the water buoyancy)

There are a plethora of different activities you can immerse yourself in on your next visit to Antelope Island!

Important information for your visit to antelope island

While I wish I could tell you that you could visit Antelope Island without a sweat, there is some important information that you're going to need to know ahead of your trip to make it the best Antelope Island trip ever.

  • Facilities at Antelope Island consist of a marina, picnic beach area and camping areas
  • RV's are allowed on Antelope Island, but there are no hookups
  • During the warmer months you will find gnats/other various bugs EVERYWHERE so be weary of that when you choose when to visit Antelope Island

When is the best time to visit antelope island in utah

As mentioned above, one of the most concerning aspects of visiting Antelope Island is BUGS. I don't know about you, but the constant nagging bugs are what really get me and they are known to be heavily prevalent on Antelope Island. That's why knowing when is the best time to visit Antelope Island is super important, especially if you plan on visiting for an extended period of time.

  • Spring (April - June) - You will find biting gnats emerging during these more warmer months. They are very tiny biting flies that even insect repellent won't work on. I would avoid visiting Antelope Island during this time if you can.
  • Mid-Spring through Early Fall - Midges (aka non-biting flies) will emerge during the Mid-Spring and Early Fall. They will cover your windshield while driving to and from the island and can be heavily prevalent as well. It is undetermined if insect repellent will work on these insects!
  • Mid-Spring through Early Fall - Mosquitos are prevalent during Mid-Spring and Early Fall, however you are able to use insect repellent to get these nagging creatures away from all your precious cargo! I highly recommend using insect repellent if you are visiting Antelope Island during this time since it is noted that the West Nile Virus has been found in Davis County (aka the county where Antelope Island is located).
  • Early Summer through Fall (Not Currently Active) - Brine flies have been found on Antelope Island in the past, but are not currently active. They are harmless and move out of the way when you approach them so not much of a concern when visiting Antelope Island as of right now.
  • Winter - If you're wanting to avoid bugs entirely, I highly suggest you visit Antelope Island during the winter months! While it may be chilly, at least you won't have pesky gnats gnawing at you.

When it comes to visiting Antelope Island, it may seem like a difficult tasks. However, there are ways to get around this to soak up all the beauty that this gorgeous island has to offer. In my personal opinion, I find that Mid-Spring through Early Fall will be your best time to visit the island. You will still find midges and mosquitos on the island, however, you have a much better chance of warding them off with a little bug spray/insect repellent. You can keep up to date with current conditions on Antelope Island here!

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