Nick & Emily

I don't know if you're getting tired of me talking about Joshua Tree National Park or not. If you are, I apologize because Nick & Emily's session at Joshua Tree is just one that I HAVE to blog. #sorrynotsorry. I've photographed and blogged a few sessions at Joshua Tree, one of them being this intimate elopement and another giving you tips on how to elope in Joshua Tree National Park. It's safe to say I am completely and wholeheartedly obsessed.

60's Desert engagement at Joshua tree

The theme of Nick & Emily's shoot centered around 60's vibes, so their outfits really played the part. We also were able to have a rented-out car which I also think helped tied the entire 60's laid-back theme we were going for. By the time we started shooting, golden hour was basically over so a good chunk of this shoot was taken during blue hour. Which if you don't know I am an absolute fanatic for blue hour and I think it doesn't get enough praise. To read more about what blue hour really is and for more examples of blue hour, click here!

Nick & Emily really wanted to play the part, so they actually ended up being completely barefoot for the entire session. Imagine this, we're in the middle of the desert, completely barefoot with a classic car and a guitar with flowers all over it. Now if that doesn't scream those laid-back 60's vibes, then I don't know what does. We also brought along a polaroid camera for Nick and Emily to use which I think really tied in with our casual theme. While most people who head to Joshua Tree National Park, they look to use the nature as their props. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely beautiful out there, but there is a lot more than just using nature and your backdrop as the main focus for your photos. Bringing along props like cameras, guitars, the rented out classic car was able to help elevate the experience and really emphasize the theme that we were going for which I really loved.

At this point, the sun had completely gone down and we were just playing around with the headlights on the car. We then had Emily and Nick hop into the car and we had brought an external light to help light up the bottom of their faces which I think made it just fun and something different. While not the most typical type of shoot, it definitely was one that was fun and really helps you get creative and think outside of the box.

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