Natalie & Johnny

For Natalie and Johnny's shoot, we really wanted to focus on those retro, 1950's vibes. Of course, we were in the middle of the beautiful Palm Springs, California so the weather was absolutely beautiful and fairly fitting for the vibes that we were going for.

1950s palm springs bridals

In order to really give off those retro vibes, we decided to rent out a classic car that really helped tied the theme together. As for location, you may ask? Typically when it comes to shoots like these, we have to think fast and think on our feet. Since we did have a large prop, aka the car, we pretty much needed to find the perfect location that not only was fitting for the car but for that 1950s theme that we were going for. We found the perfect spot just in a side street in Downtown Palm Springs that ended up being absolutely perfect!

For Natalie's look, we decided to opt for the classic head scarf and black cat eyeglasses look. Which can I say looked absolutely STUNNING on her. During more creative shoots like this, is the time that we are given more opportunities to play around with different posing and angles that really help tell the story that we are going for. Johnny kept things fairly classic and simple as he wore a white button-up with some black suspenders. Since this shoot was supposed to take place in the 50s, it only seemed fitting to test out some vintage filters as well which I think are some of my all-time favorites. I don't know, you tell me!

Of course, since we were in Palm Springs, the backdrop was absolutely breathtaking. Being from Michigan, it's not every day that you get to see palm trees so when I finally get to I am soaking it ALL in. Shortly after, Natalie changed out of the vintage button-up jacket that she was wearing and instead switched it to this beautiful white dress paired with a pearl veil and matching detachable pearl sleeves. Towards this portion of their shoot, the sun had already set and we began hitting blue hour. Blue hour is one of the most underrated times to shoot, but absolutely one of my favorites. To understand why I love blue hour so much and what exactly blue hour is, just click here!

It was a beautiful time in Palm Springs, California with Natalie and Johnny and I am so honored to have been a part of such beauty and creativity. Shoots like this really get those creative juices flowing and make me feel more creative and inspired in my own work.

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